Our definition of our “visited state” map.

where the hell have we been and where the hell should we go?

where the hell have we been and where the hell should we go?




From our 2.5+ years of reading countless travel blogs, it would appear that the majority of those out there only count states they visited in a RV only.

We do not agree with this line of thought.

We have been together since October 1993 and in that time we have done a lot of traveling together. But we also have done a lot of traveling solo before and during our relationship, so we decided to count the states we have visited TOGETHER.

We have traveled by planes, trains, and automobiles as well as ships and boats and ferries and bikes and even a rented RV 3 week nightmare cross country from FL to OR. (We will address this journey at some point, not all bad, but for sure a huge learning experience.)

This RV is just another method of travel. While Ackbar will now be a huge part of our lives, our life of traveling did not begin when we bought him. Of course we both have been to more states and even the same states, just not together.

I need to find a Canadian and Mexico one as I keep telling myself over and over and yet, I still have not done so.


About ToRn

Hi there! I am ToRn. I'm a "fortysomething" Dude who is ready for a new life style. The current one has become too boring and too predictable. So why not shake things up and get rid of everything we own and leave everything we know and move into a small box on wheels with the Big Red Wife and and our 2 cat's who could quite possibly be evil? I was born and raised in Indiana and spent part of Summer's in Minnesota. I lived 3 years in Washington and 3.5 year's in Florida and for the past 5+ years we have lived in the great state of Oregon! Which I now consider my home state. I have been to 39 State's as far, with all intention to visit all 50, as well as any and every National Park, Forrest and whatever else there is marked on a map between me and where I am going. Green is my favorite color.
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