So We went to Mexico!

After 5 months and 3 weeks here on site, we decided we better go to Mexico while we was still in the area. We had no real reason to go other then we have not been to Mexico together, even if only a few hours.

We arrived at a Nogalas, AZ Burger King near the border that allow’s all day parking for $4. You just go inside and pay, and they will give you a hand written permission slip to put on your dash. The lot had security camera’s and looked as safe as anywhere else and was only a few blocks from where we can cross into Mexico.

We was trying to cross over on a secondary crossing point, unknown to us, they do not open that point until 10am and we arrived at 9:40am. One of the agents had to unlock a stairwell that would take us to a walking overpass to the open crossing. We walked about 8 blocks when it could have just been 3 blocks, since we ended up closer to the Jeep then we would have with the targeted crossing point. lol.

It took just a few seconds to cross into Mexico and as soon as we arrived we was bombarded with offers for cabs, pharmacies and dentistry.

We walked for a 90 minutes or so, just looking around, seeing if we could find anything interesting. We ate at one of the few restaurants we saw in the area. The service was good and the food better. $10 USD for our lunch.

We looked for our typical fridge magnet but the few we find we hated. Instead we bought two lizard pottery thing’s made in Mexico. We put some hook and loop on the back and hung it up with the other travel momentous.

While walking past multiple pharmacies (No joke, they are everywhere)Pauline realized she should have brought her prescriptions down with her. Lucky for her she was able to find some medicine she needs for a 1/4th the cost in the USA.

While we was still in Oregon we discussed checking out the DDS in Mexico when we was here and for whatever reason, we never thought of it since. An opportunity for affordable teeth cleaning has been lost.

Oh well, maybe next time.

We paid $3 for 2 pictures on a mule cause it was there.

We came back after 2 hours. We had no plan’s but to walk around and eat some food and we accomplished that. We hope to tour Mexico in a few years, we want to see the real Mexico that is not found at a border town. But there is really nothing to do in the area we went to so 2 hours was perfect.

It took about 5 minutes to get back to the USA, we did some errands and came home and completed some more work on Ackbar. Adding more shelves, finishing the velcro “trim” etc.

We leave in 6 days and the National Parks are still closed. Utah’s may be open. If so seeing 5 National Parks is not as good as 13 National Parks but its better then 0 National Parks.


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