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Tell me… What do you think/hear when you see these 3 pictures?

Pauline and I love to watch an entire series of movies in a row, this past week we watched all 6 of the Star Wars movies. While I-III are just terrible, it was still fun to watch them all.



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Hi there! I am ToRn. I'm a "fortysomething" Dude who is ready for a new life style. The current one has become too boring and too predictable. So why not shake things up and get rid of everything we own and leave everything we know and move into a small box on wheels with the Big Red Wife and and our 2 cat's who could quite possibly be evil? I was born and raised in Indiana and spent part of Summer's in Minnesota. I lived 3 years in Washington and 3.5 year's in Florida and for the past 5+ years we have lived in the great state of Oregon! Which I now consider my home state. I have been to 39 State's as far, with all intention to visit all 50, as well as any and every National Park, Forrest and whatever else there is marked on a map between me and where I am going. Green is my favorite color.
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