More pics of South Whidbey State Park

We are still learning the park, there are still too many trails we have not walked yet, and we have been here for over a month, that is just sad.

While there are plenty of birds to hear, seeing them is another story. We see plenty of American Robins and Dark-eyed Juncos with some Spotted Towhees but everything else is hearing more then seeing.

We do have a Downy Woodpecker nest near a trail and really close to a bench, it’s pretty nice to sit there while the adults fly in and out and the hatchlings chirp and chirp. We also see some Osprey every so often, but as with Fort Flagler, there is just too many tree’s to block the birds from view.

Stupid trees are ruining nature.

Yesterday we also saw a Turkey Vulture with 4 Osprey circling over the beach area, there was also a Raven chasing one of the Osprey’s.

There are plenty of rabbits and deer here. Pauline and I saw the Doe with her 2 Fawn that I saw a week or so ago yesterday, one of the Park Aides also got to see them, it’s always cool sharing a nature moment with others.


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