Possession Point

We thought we visited Possession Point State Park but as it turns out, we was at the Possession Point County Park. The state park was about 1/2 miles down the road.

Ok, whatever, not like I ever use a GPS or read road signs or anything.

We took a small hike, about 3/4 of a mile, but it was all +/- 300′ and honestly we didn’t see too much to make it worth the time and effort. We did see many American Robins, a few Dark-eyed Juncos and a bagillion Tent Worms which are everywhere, we had so many crawling on us, we got tired of picking them off.

We hiked to the peak and found a nice place to rest, but again, nothing really to see but tree’s and we found a water fountain of all things on the peak but of course, it didn’t work.

We walked around the dock and saw 3 Great Blue Herons and as well as a Osprey and heard a few Rufous Hummingbirds and 4 or 5 rabbits and some deer.

We drove back to Freeland, WA and stopped at the local food truck of Bubba’s Burgers and enjoyed eating them, not the best I have ever had, but I would go back.

We will go to Possession Point State Park soon, the County Park was ok, but honestly, it needed a lot of care to make it look more presentable and less neglected.


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