We saw the Barred Owl once again.

While walking back from a small hike, Pauline and I heard a group of American Robins crying in alert, the last time we heard this commotion was when we saw the Barred Owl, so we fallowed the noise and sure enough, we once again spotted the Barred Owl.

He was at first just above our heads, we walked right underneath him without seeing him until he took off into the thicker woods, once he did that, the Robins all started to bombard him, it appeared that the owl was even struck a few times, after a minute or two, the owl flew to another tree, and escaped the wraith of the Robins.

We slowly walked to where we could get a good view, and over a 15 minute time frame, we was able to get about 10′ from the tree the owl was in, he was about 12′ high in the tree, lucky for us, the iPhone took a few decent shots.

We plan to start walking in the area we have seen the owl around 8pm to see if we can get some better pictures of it.


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