New toilet

We had been wanting to get a new toilet for a while, but we just did not want to deal with the hassle of it.

That is until I walked on a soggy carpet.

Lucky for us, it was the water supply line, it pretty much just rotted off, and we really hated the toilet, it was a original 2002 el cheapo plastic that took up too much damn room and was too low to the floor and looked nasty.

We bought the “Dometic 310 Series” from Camping World which was having a huge sale at the time, originally it cost $209 but we paid $157 so that is pretty cool. I was worried it would be a all day installation but reality was, it took all of 5 minutes to take the old one out and install the new one.

That is of course it would have taken 5 minutes to install had I paid closer attention to the water supply line.

Hard unbending plastic 9″ too high with no threads.

Due to my work schedule, Pauline had to run to get the needed parts, and of course, they give her one part plastic, one part brass, which I messed the plastic threads up by not getting the brass part on straight, so she once again had to go get more parts, this time all brass.

The toilet worked great for a few days and just stopped. She called the manufacture and from the sounds of it, this is a known design flaw, just needs two screws to hold the valve in place, so I took the valve out to look it over and inserted it back in and it worked for a few times then once again, stopped.

Took it back off, no water. Started taking the supply line apart and it had water, reinstalled everything again and it once again works.


So at the moment we have a nice and new working toilet that takes up less space, looks nice and sits higher.


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