Miss us?

I keep thinking I will be stoping by here much more often then I have been for the past year, but as you may know, life gets in the way.

For the most part, life is good for us. It could be better of course, but it could also be much worse.

I have a job I actually enjoy. At time’s it is hard work, at times it’s painful work, but still, I do not wake up dreading the idea of having to go to work. That tells me I have a good thing with a good future.

I admit, this is not the “dream job” I would want, but its a good job with a bright future. I work with good people and I have full control of my area with a good reputation with the owner as well as the upper management, so I feel “wanted” which is also a good thing.

Bad side, Pauline and I have not been getting the free time we once had and even as spoiled as we know we was, we miss it. The total freedom of being able to take off when we wanted, where we wanted, has long as we wanted.

There is nothing like the total freedom of being able to be yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

But, I have do have more freedoms here then I would have elsewhere, so if I had to take a job in “the real world” like I had to do, I really lucked out with this one.

Just over a year ago I lost a relationship that once meant the world to me, almost as much as my relationship with Pauline. At time’s Im so ok with it being over. At time’s I want to cry. It was doomed from the start. I know that. We knew that. But still. I miss it. Well, parts of it.

Yeah, ok, so I’m not over it yet.

My best friend’s “death date” (for lack of a better term) is coming up. He died July 9, 2009 of brain cancer. There is not a day that has gone by that I haven’t missed him. He taught me a lot about a lot. Things I would never have experienced or thought of without him. The most important thing that I learned too late…

Real Unconditional Love.

He left 2 incredible boys who I miss so very much but just have not had the chance to see as much as I wish I could.

I have Bruce Springsteen London Calling Love at Hyde Park playing.

It’s one of my favorite concert’s ever.




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Hi there! I am ToRn. I'm a "fortysomething" Dude who is ready for a new life style. The current one has become too boring and too predictable. So why not shake things up and get rid of everything we own and leave everything we know and move into a small box on wheels with the Big Red Wife and and our 2 cat's who could quite possibly be evil? I was born and raised in Indiana and spent part of Summer's in Minnesota. I lived 3 years in Washington and 3.5 year's in Florida and for the past 5+ years we have lived in the great state of Oregon! Which I now consider my home state. I have been to 39 State's as far, with all intention to visit all 50, as well as any and every National Park, Forrest and whatever else there is marked on a map between me and where I am going. Green is my favorite color.
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