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Guten Tag! (About the only German I remember...grin) I'm Pauline. Spent the first 16yrs of my life as an Army brat. Born in WEST Germany (for those who remember those days) and traveled more then most kids. Grew up in West Germany, Maryland, Alaska and the rest in Indiana where I meet ToRn while I was attending Purdue. BOILER UP!! We wanted out of Indiana, just didn't know the wheres and hows. In '04 we headed to Florida. Discovered that we love visiting......grin...but it wasn't for us. In '07 we headed to Oregon were we are happy to claim as our home state. I'm into history and biographies, a totally Harry Potter addict.....always have to listen to the audio books before bed. And lately I've gotten addicted to Agatha Christie books with Hercule idea why, they are so dated and so stereotypical...but there you have it, another addiction. Totally love the LOTR movies (extended versions) and reread the books several times. Now if I can find unabridged audio books of them, I'd be set. We like to travel, we like to hike and we like to camp, but we like having our own bed and miss our cats. So as of Feb 2013 (date to be decided) we'll becoming full time RVers! We are so looking forward to it and so nervous as heck. There is so much to learn and so much of our life will be changing. Lets see where the road takes us. ~Peace

Crazy Cat Tales

Having a pet is always interesting. We have two crazy cats and they are great for providing laughter, comfort and distraction when it is needed. We’ve never had cats that will poof up for no apparent reason, even while purring. … Continue reading

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Settling In

It has been an off week. We have gone from volunteering at Ft Flagler State Park to South Whidbey State Park. Ended up spending last week getting ready for that and getting settled in that the off week has been … Continue reading

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Quick Hello!

Just wanted to drop in and give a quick up date. We got here to Fl Flagler Washington State Park on the 15th and have been on the go since. Getting oriented, learning some of our duties, getting settled, having … Continue reading

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Almost There…..

We are back in the NW. We got into Oregon Monday afternoon. It felt good to be home…even after a rough start Monday….that is for lesson learned post. We are currently at WaterWheel RV Park in Chiloquin, OR. I’ve missed … Continue reading

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It is Official….We Are Birders….lol

**This was started yesterday Nov 8th Currently on the road from the NV/UT border on the way to Reno. I didn’t realize how mountainess/hilly HWY 50 is. I know that Nevada has mountains, but always have the visual of flatness….just … Continue reading

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Pauline’s Rambling Thoughts

We have been totally enjoying the National Parks, even if we are “rushing” through them. Would love to come back and do some camping in them. Some we are very happy that we have seen them off season due to … Continue reading

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Recycling Opportunities

One of my biggest frustrations is the lack of recycling we are finding. Now, I’ll admit, we have been spoiled, we had recycling that was getting better as the years were going by when we lived in Indiana, Florida and … Continue reading

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