who the hell is Pauline?

Guten Tag! (About the only German I remember…grin) I’m Pauline. Spent the first 16yrs of my life as an Army brat. Born in WEST Germany (for those who remember those days) and traveled more than most kids. Grew up in West Germany, Maryland, Alaska and the rest in Indiana where I meet ToRn while I was attending Purdue. BOILER UP!!

We wanted out of Indiana, just didn’t know the whereas and hows. In ’04 we headed to Florida. Discovered that we love visiting……grin…but it wasn’t for us. In ’07 we headed to Oregon were we are happy to claim as our home state.

I’m into history and biographies, a totally Harry Potter addict…..always have to listen to the audio books before bed. And lately I’ve gotten addicted to Agatha Christie books with Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes…. no idea why, they are so dated and so stereotypical…but there you have it, another addiction. Totally love the LOTR movies (extended versions) and reread the books several times. Now if I can find unabridged audio books of them, I’d be set.  Been downloading RV books as I find them, especially about boondocking.

I talk to my immediately family frequently, miss them a lot, and try to gather our genealogy when I can.  Got one part of the tree (only one…lucked out, someone on ancestry.com already did a good portion of work….grin) traced back to the 1500s….can’t get past my great-grandparents on any of the others.  Now, if I can get my relatives to respond to my questions….I’d have better luck….grin

I’m stresser, worrier and planner, totally drives me batty.  Nothing is black and white to me, I see a lot of gray areas and other possibilities.  Which drives my hubby nuts, since I don’t answer in a yes or no format…..grin  Can’t always shut my brain off without a good glass of wine.

We like to travel, to hike and to camp, but we like having our own bed and miss our cats. So as of Feb 20th 2013 we became full time RVers! We are both enjoying it and stressing it…but that is life.  There is so much to learn and so much of our life will be changing. Lets see where the road takes us. ~Peace

PS…We LOVE taking pictures of sunsets…so you’ll be seeing a lot of those…..grin

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  1. avatar patricka51 says:

    Great blog. Is there a way to follow it like some of the others on word press?

    • avatar Pauline says:

      Hello patrick51,

      Thank you. We are self hosted. I’m not sure if we can be followed if we are self hosted. I’ll have to look into it. =)

      Can’t wait until we hit the road and have a lot more pics and stories to share.


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