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Last Monday Today!

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Pauline and I went birding Monday, while the weather was still amazing when we saw the forecast was calling for a week plus of rain and wind, we knew we had to get outside while we still could. It was … Continue reading

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MiFi and Admiral Ackbar…

When we started this adventure, we had 2 MiFi hotspots, a Verizon (20gbs) and a AT&T (10gbs) and via a friend, we found another Verizon based one that was unlimited 3G. We also learned how to force both 4g MiFi’s … Continue reading

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Quick Hello!

Just wanted to drop in and give a quick up date. We got here to Fl Flagler Washington State Park on the 15th and have been on the go since. Getting oriented, learning some of our duties, getting settled, having … Continue reading

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Cadillac Ranch RV Park – Bluff, Utah

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Cadillac Ranch RV Park is located in Bluff, Utah We had a couple of reasons for choosing this location. The big reasons was WiFi, price, location and still open with the end of the season. It was $25 night/ $150 … Continue reading

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Smoking no more…

Good news! After a inspection of everything, it was just a code that needed to be reset. I took Ackbar for a test drive around town where I hit the breaks hard and rode the breaks, did a few donuts, … Continue reading

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So Much To Learn….So Much Stress……

We are here in Everett, WA….living in our home on wheels in our friend’s RV lot in their alley way.  Which was a very tight fit….doesn’t help that Ackbar is low and we had to worry about bottoming out trying … Continue reading

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Where do we start? What to research?

Where do we start? What to research?

We are in the researching phase of this part of the adventure.  No matter how much we wish we can be like others and just take a leap, it has never worked for us.  Even though we know that no … Continue reading

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