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This is just a picture dump so I can be up to date with posting pictures…

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I’m a week behind on pictures so here they are. And now I am up to date.  

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I learned something new today! According to what I have read, “baby spiders” are called “spiderling” and I believe this is a tarantula spiderling. Pauline and I took a stroll out onto the trail while the sun was setting, and … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Sunset

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I finally took the short lens out around sunset tonight. While the sunset was not as impressive as it has been, mostly due to no clouds,  it is still a sunset I will remember.

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Sunset’s with a iPhone

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I usually have my 75mm x 300mm lens on the Canon so when it comes to sunset’s I never really get a good shot of landscape with that lens so I just use my iPhone and hope for the best. … Continue reading

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Still can’t get use to it…

Dark before 7pm… This is just weird.

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Sunset Walks

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Just some pictures from my last few walks.  Need to start up on my morning ones again and see if I can get more critters.

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Yellowed-billed Cuckoo eating a Lizard.

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The first 4 pictures are from our sunset walk on August 12, 2013. The next 2 are from Pauline’s sunset walk on August 13, 2013. Today I went out for a morning walk in hopes of seeing something new and … Continue reading

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