who the hell is ToRn?

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I am ToRn. I’m just a typical 40 something Dude who is always wondering what is around the next corner.

Pauline and I have tried to live the “normal life” with the whole “owning a house while working 40-60 hour a week thing” but it was just never for us. Since 2000 we have been lucky enough to earn a living online and after moving across the country twice in a three year time period, we realized we are not the kind of people that can settle down for very long in one spot, so why do we keep trying?

We was already traveling on a monthly bases, either going to some convention, visiting family/friends in some state, or going to some game or taking some hike, that when we was home, we was either preparing for the next trip, or recovering from the last trip.

And we also acknowledged that we totally hate the TSA, totally love sleeping in our own bed, and totally Love having our own cat’s to kick that we realized that as much as we loved to travel, we hated leaving home.

We was also realized that we would not be able to live the life we really wanted to live, while “on vacation” and if we really wanted to live the life we dreamed of, we had to make some major changes.

So my Big Red Wife and I along with our 2 evil cat’s, decided to sell/give/donate off everything that wouldn’t fit or serve a practical purpose and move from a 1,700 sq ft 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house and into a big box on wheels with about 128 sq ft of interior space and 1 bath.

Ok that is not entirely true, there is no bath, just a shower stall that I’m not still sure I can stand up fully in since I haven’t tested it yet. (Updated ~ Yep! I fit!)

Everything we know, is about to change forever.

What could go wrong right?

Anyway, more about me:

I was born and raised in Indiana and spent parts of Summer’s in Minnesota. I have also lived 3 years in Washington, 3.5 year’s in Florida and for the past 5+ years we have lived in Oregon which I now consider “My home state”.

I have been to 15 countries and 39 state’s so far, with all intention to see all 50 states, as well as any and every National Park, Monument, Historical site, Forrest, Refuge and/or whatever else there is marked on a map that is between where I am and where I end up.

Green is my favorite color.

I would like it to be just “Torn” instead of “ToRn” but 99% of the reader’s would see a “m” and not “rn”and I am not Tom.

I love to learn new things, read a good book, eat good food, laugh at good stories with friends, look at photography of wild life or other nature related pictures. I love animals and have been owned by one cat or another my entire life. I also love sports, NCAA Football, NFL, NCAA BB, NBA as my preferences but can hold a conversation on most sports. The Purdue Boilermaker’s, Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, and the Indiana Pacers are my favorite teams.

I’m a Navy veteran, I’m a voter, I’m a tax payer and I am a volunteer. I am not rich, I still work a job. I am a hiker. I hope to soon be a mountain biker and a kayaker. I try to stay in shape and eat right, but I run all those miles for a reason, and that reason is to eat Big Macs and anything else that I will immediately regret afterward.

I Love Starbucks but I try to keep a open mind with local coffee shops. I am a big Apple fan. I’ve got the shuffle, iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, etc I have them all. I also love my Xbox 360 but since I do not like to be yelled at by 12 year old’s online, I play solo games offline. (And to that 12 year old, I *WILL* hunt you down one day. ONE DAY SOON.)

I have a warped sense of humor, I would much rather laugh then cry. I am also a big believer of the First Amendment and at times my humor know’s no bounds.

I enjoy a good stiff drink but of course I never drive when I’ve been drinking, I am really firm on that.

I’m a amateur photographer and videographer who expects to get a hell of a lot better within the next year since my work is no where I think it should be at this point and time but what should I expect when I haven’t done any real shooting in a few years, so there is that.

My ideal of a perfect night is My Big Red Wife and I as well as some friends, with not another human within 20 miles, sitting outside in perfect weather, staring at a billion stars as we listen to the night life, and just talk as we sit comfortably, well feed from great food, holding a good stiff drink in our hand’s, and having great stories to share, that is so good, you will remember it forever… That is as perfect as it can get.

I will keep adding to this page when the mood strikes me…


ToRn ~ Mt Rainier - Sept 2011

ToRn ~ Mt Rainier – Sept 2011 This was a great day for a hike, hardly saw any human’s, lot’s of wild life and of course this behind me.


4 Responses to who the hell is ToRn?

  1. well written… and the 12 year old?

    will still be kicking your ass at the games a year from now.. Those little bastards are unbeatable… HA

    • avatar ToRn says:

      No no, just a sore loser making promises he won’t fulfill. He was just the final straw, there is too much hostility in the online gaming world for me, I got tired of petty drama over blah blah blah. Just more fun to be in my own world.

      But thanks for the comment and I see we fallow some of the same blog’s so heres to meeting sometime somewhere!

  2. That much I understand. Much like I am getting with Facebook. If I didn’t communicate with friends and family through it, I would be tempted to turn it off… too much drama, too much politicing.. on and on… I think once we are out on the road, I may rethink using FB for anything at all. and back to ya, hope we get the opportunity to meet, our plan is to head up the west coast in the spring, across the US/Canadian border in the summer and down the east coast in the fall, head over to Colorado for the ski season then down to Florida to do some diving for a bit.

    • avatar ToRn says:

      Yeah, I have FB as well but if it wasn’t keeping in touch with people I wouldn’t be on it at all. Best thing I have found is putting everyone “hidden” that way I can pick and choose who I read about at the time and not forced to look over a bunch of drama.

      We will be heading to Seattle tomorrow until mid March when we head South via CA/NV boarder. From April to August we will be in Patagonia, AZ with our first volunteer work-amping.

      After that… ?

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